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The Digital Photo Booth

Quite simply, the best thing ever. The MVS Photo Booth is perfect for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, conferences, private parties or any special event. We do the 4th of July for the White House and over 600 other events a year! Flattering lighting, instant prints, slideshow display and real-time image sharing make this the most popular event Photo Booth in the world!


Xioto® (zo-to) is a small Photo Booth that packs a big punch! It has instant printing with your choice of color, black and white, vintage, or our custom blue-tone effect. Perfect for smaller corporate and private events! It can travel anywhere and has gone on VIP tours with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!

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Red Carpet Treatment

We’ve considered every aspect of our Photo Booths so all you’re required to do is have a great time. Our web galleries, real-time sharing, and instant prints are just a few standout features. Keep reading to find out how MVS Studio Photo Booths make you the star of the show.

Real-Time Sharing

While your event is in full swing, our mobile device optimized photo gallery displays all of your photos as they are taken. You and your guests can privately view and share your photos using all of today’s most popular social media outlets.

Web Galleries

Designed with you in mind, the web galleries can be set to our elegant default or customized to meet your personal or corporate needs.

Best-In-Class Image Quality

Our Photo Booths have been designed to shoot the best-looking images possible. This means each booth is equipped with a professional camera and lighting.

Instant Prints & Projections

Our Photo Booths are the fastest-printing Photo Booths in the world! Providing gorgeous 4”x6” prints in seconds. Take a picture and it is displayed instantly! Our slideshows evolve every time you take a shot!

Beautiful Statistics

Our Stats pages are easy to read and to understand. If you need to show ROI after your next event, show your boss your stats page! Be prepared to be blown away by the number of image views, downloads, and shared connections. Seriously, you will be amazed!

  • All The Tools You Need

    We give you access to your gallery right off the bat so you can have complete control over what photos are included in your gallery and how they’re displayed. Our simple to use toolkit makes this a breeze.

  • Make It Personal

    Our gallery editor makes it quick and easy for you to customize your gallery to your liking. We give you the tools to change colors, add your own banner image, and give your gallery that personal touch.

  • For Your Eyes Only

    Concerned about who gets to see those photos from your birthday party? We make it simple to password protect your gallery and decide which social services you’d like to enable.

Other Cool Stuff

Looking to really make an impression? We have a wealth of experience creating custom installations for our clients. The sky is the limit - We can build anything!

Custom Installations

We are the go-to company for custom Photo Booth installations. Want a permanent installation, super cool green screen, Vine or Instagram integration, call us! Recent projects include Photo Booths for Barclays Center and the New York Public Library. Other clients include MoMA and the White House. Oh, snap, yes we did!

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Green Screen

Want to be in another world, create a new look, match your current ad campaign? We can do anything. The only limit is your imagination! Whether it is a large-scale set or an event with The Digital Photo Booth, we can create high quality, fun green screen solutions!

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GIF Booth

GIF yourself something special! Our super GIF booths create animated GIFs in seconds. Our Wiggle GIF is undeniably the coolest thing to hit the event market since our Digital Photo Booth in 2006! GIFs can be instantly emailed or shared
on Facebook or Twitter.

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Instagram Printing

MVS Studio hearts Instagram! Include Instagram Printing and a live Instagram slide show at your next event. Just create a custom #hashtag and your guests will instantly see their Instagram image in a live slideshow and get a printed copy with your branding. It's a fun and easy way to create social media buzz around your next event.

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Want to capture a short dance, romantic musing, or client testimonial? Our VideoBooth technology can capture and display your clips instantly! From high-end real-time reproductions of Andy Warhol’s screen tests to dance videos, we do it. Want a fun takeaway, try our FlipBooth! It instantly creates an animated Flip Book.

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Usher in an early version of our VideoBooth for Cartier
Katy Perry video with green screen additions
MoMA-Warhol screen test VideoBooth
Video from our FlipBooth