Photo booth rental for Marketing Events

MVS Studio is at the forefront of experiential marketing and brand experience, with over ten years of experience in building photographic installations that carry brand messaging directly to consumers. Every activation is a custom job: green screens, multiple cameras or booths, custom displays; we can do it all. Marketing + Branding + Social.

Consumer First

We have taken millions of photographs at packed events for over 10 years. That means we are always looking for ways to make the experience more seamless for consumers. The lineups for our activations can be long (because they really are that fun) but they move fast because we have thought each detail out to the second.

Custom Photo Activations

We have the highest standards for image quality, so your brand will look great in a custom print, on a billboard on 34th Street in New York, or on Instagram. Our equipment is sleek and modern, often sheilding consumers from the complex technological operations behind the curtain. We still want people to say "Wow! how did you do that?" Everytime they step into one of our activations.

Social Photo Booth

MVS Studio will deliver the highest quality instant image that there is. Consumers are more likely to share the best photograph they have of themselves. Your brand will want to be all over that image. Our advanced stats show your reach, and your custom post will live on in social media, well beyond your activation!