Corporate events photo booth rental

Are you having a company party, movie premiere or fundraiser? MVS is the go to photo booth rental company for corporate and charity events because we provide a seamless, professional and fun experience. Your guests will love having thier picture taken in front of our photo booths.  Branded prints and social posts, custom booth wraps and crisp slideshows put great photographs (and your company) on display. And they leave a great impression.

High quality 

Each of our booths is equipped with the best quality cameras and software systems to deliver a magical moment to your guests each time a picture is taken. The curtain never gets pulled back as our clean design hides all the work going on behind the scenes to deliver great images and experiences.

Attention to detail

We have all the details covered. Our team of photographers, artists and designers will put their best work forward so that your event stands out!

Custom options

Find out what sets us apart, and why great organizations have hired us...We can do anything!

  • Custom social media sharing
  • Custom branding on images
  • Custom photo booth wraps
  • Slideshow display

Our Most Popular Photo Booths

The Digital Photo Booth and Xioto are our two most popular photo booth rentals for company events and fundraisers. We can also accomodate custom requests. Submit the form above and we will be in touch!



  • Instant Branded Prints
  • Custom Social Media 
  • Slideshow Display
  • GIF Animations
  • Robust For Busy Events
  • Fully Customizable!


  • Easy Touch Screen Interface
  • Choice of Image Filters
  • Instant Branded Prints
  • Great Price Point
  • Fits Anywhere!

What Photo Booth is right for My Event?

The Digital Photo Booth is ideal if you are having an event and you would like to accomodate more than 200 people. It shoots very fast and can be customized for your event. The Digital Photo Booth can print a custom graphic, display a slideshow of images or upload cutsom social media posts.

The Xioto is ideal for smaller parties and is a great lower price point solution. It is a simple set up and can do prints and you get all of the digital files.

Still Unsure ?

That's OK! We would be thrilled to walk you through the details over the phone. Give us a call at our New York studio (718) 852-7399 if you are on the east coast or at our Los Angeles studio (323) 739-0015 if you are on the west coast.