GIF Photo Booth

The MVS Studio GIF Booth shoots 4 sequential images and produces an animated GIF that can be shared on social networks instantly. Each GIF is printed in our 4 frame window format and can include a logo. Our photo booth image quality is the best in the business, and our animated GIFs can be shared widely across social media without losing any quality.

fobo: the GIF photo booth of the future

You asked for here it is! An all in one photo booth we developed called fobo.  fobo can shoot stills or animated GIFs in black & white or color, and it delivers images directly to your guests phones via text messaging. fobo's easy to use touchscreen interface allows guests to select their image type and choose which images to print and share. Animated GIFs are all the rage on social media, so book our fobo photo booth to liven up your next event! 

Our GIF photo booth features:

  • Stunning Image Quality 
  • Direct Social Sharing 
  • Instant Prints
  • Great Modern Design
  • Branding on Images
  • Custom Greenscreen Options
gif photo booth fobo.jpg

Stunning Image Quality

We are photographers first. Our fobo photo booth is equipped with the best lighting and camera equipment to ensure stunning image quality for your animated GIFs. Our custom software can build social media ready GIFs in an instant, with out losing resolution. We can deliver images directly to phones via text messaging without losing quality. Our animated GIF booth was designed knowing that your guests will want to share images where they look the best. Our animated GIF booth captures your guests at their best, 4 frames at a time! 

Share Animated GIFs  and Images Instantly On Social Media

It didn't happen if it didn't happen online right? Well, almost. Our animated GIF photo booth (fobo) delivers images instantly to phones in a format that can be shared on any social network.  We have been building and renting photo booths since 2003, and we have had a front row seat for the explosion of the social web. The best way to get images to your guests is directly. That is why fobo features direct texting. With direct texting guests can share to any social network instantly. We have sidestepped lengthly log in processes to deliver images in a format that is ready for any social network instantly. Animated GIFs are exported as video files that can be shared on Instagram right on the spot! Your event will take off online with direct texting and instant sharing of animated GIFs.

Instant Prints

Every animated GIF is printed in a 4 frame window format on a 4"x6". Our software is so good that your guests will receive a mantle worthy print in about 8 seconds! Basically, it will print faster than they can text the image to themselves!

Custom Branding and Green Screen

You can include a graphic or logo on all of the prints and images shared online. Custom green screen backgrounds can give your event images a unique look. Work with our team of designers to come up with the perfect look to market your brand, celebrate your day, or commemorate your event!

Unleash Creativity

Animated GIFs give your guests an outlet for expression. Our animated GIF booth is designed so well and delivers great images instantly so that the process is fun and magical, and will unleash the creativity of your guests as they dance, grimace, pose to their heart's content!

Great Design 

Our new fobo animated GIF booth is a beautiful object. An open air photo booth has never looked this good. Portable and compact, the entire installation will only take up about 4'x6' of space. Your guests will marvel at its simplicity and elegance. We considered every corner, every graphic onscreen to make the user experience seamless, easy and fun. Open and light, the fobo animated GIF booth will draw a crowd and keep your guests shooting all event long!

Rent the GIF Booth


Buy The GIF Booth

Are you a company with a series of events where purchasing might be a better option? A retail location looking to brand the brick and mortar experience? Do you want to own a fobo and tap into this greatness anytime you chose? Go to our site to check out all the features and request a price sheet!